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Coatings / UV / Radcoat® RX UV Curable Antimicrobial Finish

Radcoat® RX UV Curable Antimicrobial Finish

Promotes a healthy environment with advanced antimicrobial technology

Radcoat® RX - UV Curable Antimicrobial Waterborne Finish
Radcoat® RX - UV Curable Antimicrobial Waterborne Finish
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Radcoat® RX - UV Curable Antimicrobial Waterborne Finish

Radcoat® RX - UV Curable Antimicrobial Waterborne Finish

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Curing at the Speed of Light!®

ProCoat® Radcoat® RX is the first site-applied water-based coating with the most durable finish on the market! Using the Jelight JFC 412E - 12 UV curing machine, finish jobs faster with unmatched durability. Radcoat® RX is exclusively designed for a unique antimicrobial finish on wood, cork, concrete, and LVT

Crystal Clear Clarity with six Sheen Options
Environmentally Safe - Antimicrobial Protection
UV Cured for Instant Turn Around

Anti-Microbial formula

Formulated with the most advanced antimicrobial technology. ProCoat® Radcoat® RX is a permanent coating that continues to reduce the growth of bacteria from reproducing on surfaces for the life of the coating as long as the film is intact to promote a healthy environment. This formula is food-grade safe with no leaching effect. Ideal for promoting a healthy home and use in restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, retail spaces, tabletops, and even manufacturing products. 

Up to 5X the strength of any other coating on the market

UV cured finishes are the pinnacle of surface and floor protection. Radcoat’s® new polymerization technology yields a coating with excellent scuff, scratch, abrasion and chemical resistance, unmatched by any other on the market. 

Have limited to no downtime with instant cure UV light

Get your clients back in their space, and your team out on to other projects. Within just 2-3 hours of dry time, the coating can be UV cured and normal operations can resume.



12” Walk Behind UV Curing Unit
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5” Handheld UV Curing Unit
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Fast UV curing at a rate of 35-40 sq ft per minute

Compare that with the hours/days you’d spend waiting for other products to cure and the investment pays for itself in no time!

Having a team that is willing to help solve people's problems in the right way and with the right ethics, that just makes everything else flow like water - and ProCoat is a part of that.

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Distinctive Wood Floors
Radcoat® UV Curable Waterborne Finish
Radcoat® UV Curable Waterborne Finish
Radcoat® Encapsulant™ UV Curable Finish
Radcoat® Encapsulant™ UV Curable Finish
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  • Coverage

    450-600 sq ft / gallon

  • Dry Time

    2-3 hours between coats

  • Wear Rating 1-10


  • Application

    T-Bar, roller, trim pad, brush, spray

  • Color


  • Solid Levels

    35% +/-2%

Please note, for further information please check out our Safety and Technical Data sheets below.

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